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Borboleta wines

Borboleta Wines is an Italian wine, featuring best Italian Sparkling Wine traditions. Wines are produced in Itlay, Veneto region, by a family-owned famous Botter winery (, which has been operating since 1928 and is presently run by third generation Botter family members!

In Portuguese Borboleta means “butterfly”.

The butterfly, due to its impressive ability of metamorphosis, is a symbol of transformation. Therefore, similarly to a butterfly, from an egg to unfurling glory, wine as well has to undergo several stages of development – from a small plant, which grows in natural conditions, to the wonderful aromas and flavors in a wine glass – to reach its peak of beauty.

Sovetskoe Premium Sparkling Wine

Sovetskoe Sparkling Wine series – the most famous brand of sparkling wine in Eastern Europe and Russia which was first launched back in 1937. The Republic of Belarus is the only country in the world where the State Standard of «Советское Шампанское» remains unchanged and where wine is still produced using the same traditional methods.