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Non-alcoholic beverages

Equinox Harvest Birch Water

Birch water in nature’s energy. We Harvest our birch water every spring during the Equinox.  This is the time of year when the Sun crosses the celestial equator, which the imaginary line that projects into outer space above the Earth’s equator. Equinox is the only time of the year that day and night are the same length.

Rinkuskiai Kvass

Rinkuskiai beer – Brewery Rinkuškiai ( is the only family-held brewery in Biržai region, Lithuania, known as the beer capital of Lithuania.

The history of the brewery began many generations ago. Beer has been brewed in Biržai region since the end of XIth Century and the secrets of beer making have been passed from generation to generation. Jonas Čygas, local brewer, was famous for his outstanding beer even outside Biržai region. He used to brew his barley beer for family celebrations like weddings and anniversaries. His beer was even brought to Vilnius, the capital, as a gift to the government officers.

Since 1991 the brewery has modernized the facilities, expanded the assortment and production. Rinkuškiai is the largest local capital brewery in Lithuania, one of the five largest breweries in Lithuania, and the only one of five run by a local brewery family.