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Equinox Harvest Birch Water
Equinox Harvest Birch Water

Equinox Harvest Birch Water

Birch water in nature’s energy. We Harvest our birch water every spring during the Equinox.  This is the time of year when the Sun crosses the celestial equator, which the imaginary line that projects into outer space above the Earth’s equator.  Equinox is the only time of the year that day and night are the same length.

We Harvest our birch water from the biggest and best resources in Northern Europe, where, where historically, birch sap has been produced & consumed for its health benefits for centuries. Every birch tree is harvested by hand using the most basic and traditional taping methods. During the Spring Equinox, trees are waking up from their winter sleep and their roots begin to send nutrient rich water to the rest of the tree. This water has been stored throughout the winter for this very moment. This is the optimal time to tap the birch tree and cause no harm to the trees themselves. , Birch water, which is full of natural nutritients and minerals during this time, is collected into buckets directly from the tree.

In order to keep the birch sap fresh and full of minerals and nutrients, we use a highly advanced”hot filling“ production method, and a specially designed PET bottle. We add only a little bit of natural citric acid and cane sugar (natural preservatives) to give this amazing drink a longer consumption period. This recipe is an original Belarusian birch sap recipe from the early 19th century, when producers started to look for a way to prolong the consumption period of natural birch sap. Since birch water is harvested only 1 time per year, it‘s supply was always very limited. With the newest production technology we are able to offer a natural drink; full of beneficial nutrients and microelements, low natural cane sugar level, never diluted, not from concentrate, GMO free, Vegan, does no harm to trees or nature for the entire year around!

All of that makes Equinox Harvest a perfect natural hydration source, as well as an amazing source of manganese, that has an ability to work as both an antioxidant and a natural energy supply source in one tasty and refreshing drink.

At its core, the term Equinox is simply a point in time. By that same rationale, Team Equinox Harvest is a unique blend of multi-cultural beverage industry insiders, athletes, medical professionals and artists who have come together at this point in time to create and deliver a product to consumers that is natural and healthy, yet amazingly simple and refreshing.

16,5 fl. Oz. (500 ml)
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