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Borboleta Prosecco wine

Borboleta Prosecco DOC

Borboleta Prosecco DOC – made from Glera grapes, formerly known as Prosecco, and features conventional crisp and delicate perlage. Of pale light yellow color, it is a delicate and fragrant bouquet, accompanied by fruity as well as fine flowery notes. Fresh and light on the palate, with a balanced acidity and body, extremely harmonic with a dry aftertaste at the end.

In Portuguese Borboleta means “butterfly”.

The butterfly, due to its impressive ability of metamorphosis, is a symbol of transformation. Therefore, similarly to a butterfly, from an egg to unfurling glory, wine as well has to undergo several stages of development – from a small plant, which grows in natural conditions, to the wonderful aromas and flavors in a wine glass – to reach its peak of beauty.

ABV Volume
11% 750 ML
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